Why did the Trump administration not act on the Flint water crisis

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The Trump administration’s response to the Flint crisis was “the worst mistake I ever made,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday, as he criticized the administration’s approach to the crisis.

“We’ve got to fix that, but it’s been worse than I thought,” Sessions said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“I never thought we would have to deal with it this way.”

The Flint water emergency has been the biggest test of President Donald Trump’s presidency and the biggest challenge for the Republican majority.

It is now the focus of a separate probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary committee, was testifying on Capitol Hill as part of a hearing on Trump’s administration’s handling of the crisis and the possible criminal investigation into whether he lied to the public about the crisis in an Oval Office meeting with Russian officials.

The Justice Department announced in August that it was investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election.

Sessions has repeatedly said he did not know the extent of the Russia meddling, but said the investigation would be limited to whether there was a collusion with Trump campaign officials.

“This investigation will not be an examination of any individual individual, it will be an investigation of the President and his campaign, including his associates,” Sessions told the Senate panel on Monday.

Sessions said the Justice Department’s probe would be restricted to whether Trump campaign members and associates cooperated with the Russian government in the 2016 campaign.

“The investigation will be focused on whether there were any efforts by the President’s campaign to assist the Russian intelligence services in the conduct of a campaign to interfere in the election,” he said.

Trump has long claimed that he knew nothing about the Russian interference in the presidential election.

The Republican president also has maintained that the Russia probe is a political witch hunt, and that he was never under investigation.

Sessions had previously said that there was “no collusion” between the Trump team and the Russian state, but the White House said Monday that Sessions had misled Congress about that during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in October.

The White House did not say whether Sessions told lawmakers that the FBI and other federal agencies had not made any investigations into any ties between Trump associates and the Russians.

“There was no collusion,” Sessions’ spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores, said in a statement to The Hill.

“No member of the Trump transition team or staff ever communicated with Russian intelligence operatives or any Russian officials about the Trump Tower meeting.”

The Justice report said that the administration failed to follow procedures to notify Congress of any changes in its handling of Flint water or the lead poisoning crisis.

The report also said that federal prosecutors in the Justice department’s criminal division, the FBI’s Washington field office, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General were told by senior Justice officials that the agency should be prepared to launch criminal probes.

The reports, which were made public on Monday, do not indicate how many criminal investigations were launched, or whether those investigations were opened.

“These new reports do not reveal whether the Justice Departments investigation is ongoing,” a White House spokesperson said in an email.

“Instead, they provide an overview of how DOJ responded to the state’s request for information and recommendations to address the Flint Water Crisis.”

The report said the Trump-era Justice Department did not tell Congress about its findings until after the August 6, 2017, meeting in the Oval Office.

The Trump team met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, then asked Kislyak to meet with a former senior U.S. intelligence official who was then an official with the Justice’s criminal branch.

The Russian official asked for a meeting with Trump, but Sessions did not allow the Russian official to meet.

The investigation into the Flint Flint water contamination case is part of Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between the Russian and Trump campaigns.

The former official told The Washington Post that he believed the Trump officials did not intend to collude with the Russians in the campaign.

The officials were then informed that Sessions and other senior officials from the Justice and FBI departments had met with the then-Russian ambassador, and a second former official from the department met with Kislyak to discuss a possible criminal probe into the Trump camp’s relationship with the Kremlin.

“As a result of this initial, limited, and incomplete information, a more comprehensive response from the Trump Administration was taken and, to the extent possible, implemented,” the report said.

“It was not intended to become public, and it was not until after this initial meeting, the second official told the FBI, that DOJ became aware of any possible criminal actions by the Trump Campaign on behalf of Russia.”

Sessions, who has repeatedly called the Russian meddling a “witch hunt,” has also defended Trump and his administration’s reaction to the incident.

“To me, what happened here was a tragedy,” Sessions, a former U.K. attorney general, said at the Capitol last month.

“If you look at what happened in Flint, it

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