5 reasons to eat clean when you’re sick

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When you get sick, it’s important to eat what you think is healthy and safe.

Here are five reasons why: 1.

Eat fresh when you can Avoid processed foods, and eat foods that you know are good for you.

Processed foods are processed by machines, and are often made with chemicals that are harmful to health.


Eat a healthy snack before you go out Eat a nutritious, natural, raw food breakfast or lunch, and you’ll feel better and feel better.


Take a walk with a friend or walk on the beach, beach chair, or other natural surface.

It’s safe and good for your health.


Eat well with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits Eat fruits and vegetables that have been peeled, cut, or juiced.


Try a new drink Every time you drink water, add one or two teaspoons of fruit juice to it.

That way, you’ll get a healthy dose of electrolytes.


Clean your room Clean your bathroom or bathroom sink every two weeks.

It will make a huge difference.


Get a massage or other body work You can get a massage with a professional or by yourself.

It helps your body relax and feels good.


Eat healthy foods at home Clean up after yourself and eat fresh foods that are good and safe for you, whether it’s vegetables, fruits, or meat.


Watch a healthy movie Take a good look at movies that tell the story of healthy living, and enjoy them while you’re feeling better.


Learn how to cook healthy food Clean and simple meals that are healthy, high in fiber, and low in fat will make you feel better after a sick day.


Listen to good music Listen to the good music that is helping you feel well and feel less sick, and keep your mind and body clear.


Be active!

Get enough sleep and exercise and stay healthy.

You can’t feel well without exercise.


Go for a walk!

Walk and bike in the city and the countryside, and do it regularly.

It’ll make you happier, and your body will be more alert and healthy.


Get good nutrition!

Get quality, balanced foods, like fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds, and don’t skip out on the important nutrients.


Get your hands on some healthy snacks You can eat a healthy, natural snack like nuts or dried fruits, whole grains, beans or other legumes, and healthy fats like coconut oil.


Have a glass of wine or tea with meals You can have a glass with meals, and it’s good for health.


Eat healthily at the end of the day Eat healthy food at the beginning of the week, and when you feel sick.


Get up and go!

Get up at the start of the morning and stay up all night.

It makes you feel more rested, and helps your immune system.


Exercise for health If you have any health problems, or are feeling sick, exercise will help you feel healthy.


Make time to take a walk or bike You can walk or cycle to the gym, or take a leisurely stroll or bike ride, and see the sights and smells of nature.


Get more exercise If you are overweight or obese, exercise can help you lose weight.


Get some exercise at home Take a healthy walk or a short bike ride to the park, or to the beach or a pool.


Get enough vitamin D If you get too much vitamin D in your diet, you can get some of the healthy vitamin D from foods like meat and eggs.


Get plenty of exercise You can work out for 30 minutes or more every day, and have some fun while doing it. 25.

Eat clean when it’s cold You can make a clean, fresh, and nutritious dinner and lunch.


Get exercise with a sports bar Exercise at the gym or a sports table, and be ready to get up and move again.


Eat your own meals Eat at home, in your own kitchen, and make your own healthy meals that you’ll love.


Do your own laundry Do your laundry yourself.

Clean up your kitchen after you eat, and use a dishwasher.


Do a physical exam if you think you’re having a heart attack If you think that you might have a heart problem, go to a doctor.


Eat and drink with family and friends It’s good to have a meal or two with family, friends, and loved ones.


Go to a yoga class, or some other class with your friends, if you’re able to. 32.

Get acupuncture If you’re not feeling well, or if you have chronic health problems such as arthritis or a chronic illness, you should seek acupuncture.


Get vitamin D if you are pregnant If you want to get enough vitamin d from your diet or supplements, get some from a natural source,

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