Letter to clee: The real reason I can’t quit the Senate

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I’m not alone in feeling sad that the Supreme Court is dead.

I know, for example, that I have friends in the House who voted for the Affordable Care Act.

And yet they still feel like they can’t get over it.

The law’s impact is clear.

The number of Americans with health insurance fell by almost one million in the first six months of this year.

But the impact is not limited to those who lost their coverage because of the law.

Millions more Americans lost their jobs because of it.

The nation’s labor force shrank.

Wealthy people who once could afford health insurance are no longer able to do so.

For decades, many Americans have relied on government programs that provide insurance to their spouses and children.

These programs have become an entitlement program, not a public option.

They provide tax subsidies to lower-income people who don’t get insurance on their own.

And for many years, they have been paid for by federal taxes.

The law was supposed to be a subsidy program.

Instead, it has created a massive tax burden on the middle class.

It also has pushed millions of low-wage workers into poverty.

It has pushed employers out of the workforce, especially at the fast-food and retail sectors.

This is what the Supreme, in a 5-4 ruling on Thursday, has revealed.

The majority opinion said that if the federal government had intended to pay for the health care law through a program called a tax credit, it would have provided that subsidy to millions of Americans.

I believe this is what we are in the midst of.

I am not alone.

It is a good thing that the majority of Americans feel the way I do.

It is a bad thing that they feel it is so difficult to get over the pain of losing their health insurance, or even the shock of losing jobs because they can no longer afford it.

It should not matter to the vast majority of people that this is an entitlement, that they are being taxed to subsidize their own health care.

The fact that a majority of the country does not agree with that view is a sign that it has gone too far.

Instead of taking a long view, the majority opinion has chosen to look backwards and backwards.

They are willing to say that the Affordable Health Care Act did not provide enough money to subsidise health care, but that they have not had the courage to actually make that case to the American people.

There is no doubt that some of the most vulnerable Americans have lost their health care insurance.

And there are certainly plenty of other people who are not as fortunate as I am.

But the majority is not going to listen to us.

They will continue to believe that the health insurance they have is their own and not government’s responsibility.

They have a choice.

They can take the easy way out and accept the fact that the law has made the health benefits they rely on for their health less secure.

Or they can fight for a more generous plan, one that would give them the financial security that health insurance does not provide.

The American people deserve better.

John Kasich, who is challenging the Republican nominee for president, is running in Ohio, the most competitive state in the country.

Watch: Trump’s campaign promises to ‘defeat the Establishment’ on TuesdayThe Washington Post contributed to this report.

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