How to keep your solar panels and solar-powered home cool

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An energy-saving feature on your home can save you money if you have one of the world’s most expensive solar panels.

Read More is a new feature on Apple’s new iPhone X, which comes with a solar-panel cooling feature.

The new feature can be used to cool down the screen and display if it’s in sunlight, as well as for other things.

Users can choose from three options, and they’re all good.

You can turn on the feature automatically, which will take a few seconds to activate, and then you can turn it off and it will only turn on when you open the phone.

If you’ve got the iPhone X on a table, it will automatically turn off when you leave it on a chair or stand.

The feature can also be turned off for other reasons, like when it’s cloudy, or when the screen is not lit.

If your home is in a garage, you can also turn it on and off to get rid of the heat.

It will only take a couple of seconds to turn it back on.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a “Cool-Down” mode, which makes it so you can set a timer to set off when the system is turned off.

Apple has also included a special setting for the “cool-down” feature, which can be set to turn the feature off after 30 minutes.

If there’s a screen in the house and you want to cool it down, you have to set it to “Auto” and it can be turned on by tapping the icon to the left of the icon and then “Cool Down”.

Apple has already added the feature to other devices including the iPad Air and iPhone X.

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