India to invest $10bn in new rail links

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The government on Thursday plans to spend about $10 billion on a rail link between Mumbai and the outskirts of New Delhi and other cities in the Northeast, and the plan has raised eyebrows from the U.S. and other countries, with some suggesting that the plan will lead to a race to build faster and more powerful railways.

The announcement comes amid a growing debate in India over how to handle rising power and air pollution from China’s expanding fleet of passenger trains and high-speed rail, and how to address the country’s rising population, with critics warning that the country will become a more polluted, more congested and less economically vibrant place by the time the plan is finished.

The plan is the first major investment in the region by the government since it was formed in 2009 to tackle the pollution and congestion caused by India’s growing population and the growing urban population, which has grown to more than one billion people.

The project will connect Mumbai, the Indian capital, to the northeast city of Pune in the south, as well as the capital, Delhi.

It will also link Delhi with the capital of Hyderabad and other important cities in central India.

India’s railways are among the world’s fastest and most powerful, and have been plagued by problems with overcrowding and safety.

The country’s railways have been the main focus of the country, which is trying to build a national railway network that will connect every city and towns in the country.

India is one of the world’ s biggest polluters.

The air quality in Delhi is so bad that nearly 200 people die every day due to the pollution, according to the World Health Organization.

The rail link is expected to provide cheap, reliable and safe travel from the Northeast to the major cities in India, with the average fare for a train ticket starting at about $150.

The government says the new rail link will provide faster and cheaper travel from Mumbai to the outskirts, and also from Pune to the capital city of New India.

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