When does the ‘clean vagina’ become a thing?

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Posted October 01, 2018 12:19:08 Clean vagina is the most popular term for a vagina that is clean but does not have any bacteria in it.

There are some theories that it is a form of self-repelling bacteria that the vagina produces.

However, many believe the term was coined by a woman in New York.

“I think the term originated in New Yorkers,” said Dr. Tania L. Brown, a microbiologist at New York University.

“But I think it’s not as common as it used to be.”

Brown believes the term came about because it describes a vagina where there are no bacteria.

“You can just go and find a vagina, and you can’t find any bacteria,” she said.

Brown said the term has a lot of history and was coined in a New York magazine article.

The article, titled ‘How to make your vagina smell like you just had sex,’ was written by a man named James P. Whitehead.

The article, which appeared in the April, 1965 issue of the New York Times, described the process of making a vagina smell as it cleans itself.

Whiteheads’ explanation is not necessarily the most helpful: “The vagina is not made of bacteria.

You can’t get rid of it, you can only get rid the bacteria.”

Brown, however, said it does provide a good explanation.

She added that there is a reason for this.

White heads article explains the importance of bacteria in the vagina.

Bacteria help the vagina clean itself and is why it smells like it just had intercourse, Brown said.

A vagina is a structure that connects the uterus to the anus, and it is not always easy to access the vagina because of the way it is shaped and the way the vagina is stretched.

Brown believes that it takes a bit of practice to get a vagina clean.

If you have any vaginal infections, you should talk to your doctor about it and talk to the vulva specialist, Brown added.

Brown also said that women who are looking for help finding a vagina should take a look at some of the websites.

I think it is really important for women to get to the right place and be in the right room, she said, because the vagina has so many secrets.

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