How to keep your beauty and cleaning products safe for your eyes

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You know you need to have clean water for your skin, eyes and eyesore when you go out in public, even when you’re wearing a mask or goggles.

That’s why clean beauty products are so important.

But for everyone else, how to keep them safe can be tricky.

So we asked our experts how to protect your skin from the chemicals, bacteria and allergens in your water, so you can have the best experience when you walk the streets.

Here are some of the key points to remember.1.

Wash your hands and utensils regularly.

If you have to use a mask, do it on your own.

If you have soap or a facial cleanser, rinse it off before touching it to wash your hands.2.

Always wear clean-looking clothes.

Wear clean clothes with high visibility.

If your clothes are dark or your pockets are dirty, wash them at the same time.3.

Never use anything that can become contaminated by germs, such as the fingers, fingers of your hands, hair and skin of your face.4.

Wear a mask at all times.

Wear an eye mask with you and always close your eyes, and don’t use a mouthwash or soap in your mouth.5.

Wash any open containers or other places where you might have to drink water.6.

Never leave the house while wearing a face mask.

Never wash your face while wearing it.7.

Always wash your mouth in hot water, soap and a lint-free cloth to prevent getting a toothpick stuck in your throat.8.

If the water is too cold, use a lukewarm tap to get your hands dirty.9.

If a plastic bottle or glass container has a sharp edge or other sharp object, use it to grab a clean bottle of water to put it in.10.

Always put a cloth towel on your face to protect the inside of your mouth, lips, teeth, nose and eyes.11.

Don’t use hand sanitizer on your hands or your hands when you wash.

It can cause skin irritation.12.

Always use a hand-held lint trap to collect the germs and debris that accumulate on your skin.13.

Never put any products on your mouth or eyes that might make them sick.

It may cause irritation.14.

Don�t use makeup or hair products that could be contaminated with germs.15.

If possible, rinse and dry your face after using a product.

If there is a risk of getting contaminated, contact a doctor or a public health officer.

The only thing that will keep you safe is your knowledge.

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