How to clean your clear totes

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Cleaning your clear bags is an easy way to save money and improve your overall environmental health.

This article has been updated to clarify the exact type of cleaning used.

How to clean clear tots articleClean your clear bottles and bags to remove any odors, dust, and chemicals from the inside.

You may also need to clean the bottom and sides of your clear plastic container.

If you find a leak, soak the clear plastic in water for 10 minutes and seal it.

To clean clear plastic containers, clean the outside and inside of the container with warm water, a soft cloth, a cotton swab, or a small amount of soap and water.

Use a soft toothbrush to brush all the way around the inside of your plastic container and the inside with a soft bristled sponge or a cloth.

If the inside smells or tastes bad, use a cleaner to wipe it down.

You can also use a cleaning product to clean up any residue left behind from previous cleaning.

To clear plastic bottles, use warm water to rinse them, scrub the sides and bottoms, and apply a soft scrub brush to the bottom of the bottle.

Once the surface is clean, you can clean it with a sponge or cotton swabs.

You might also want to add a little more soap and a couple of drops of a mild cleaner.

The cleaner helps the product penetrate the plastic, which will remove any odor.

To wipe down the inside, use mild soap and warm water and scrub the surface with a clean cloth.

The cloth should be able to soak into the surface of the plastic.

Once it is completely dry, wipe down all the surfaces with a cloth dipped in mild soap.

Once that is done, wash the inside and the bottom using a soft brush.

If your clear containers smell bad, you may want to use a little of a cleaning detergent to wipe them down.

This is a video of a simple cleaning method for clear plastic that can be done by the householder.

This is a quick and easy method to clean clean clear containers.

You’ll want to keep an eye on your containers and use caution when washing them.

You can also clean your plastic containers by spraying them with water.

You do not need to use water, though.

Just spray the container.

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