Why I am cleaning my desk

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Cleaning your desk chair is like cleaning your wardrobe, according to a new study.

When you sit down to read a book, your body is constantly trying to clear the clutter around you, from your bookshelf to your desk.

But when you sit back down, the clutter keeps piling up.

So when you have to clean up a bit more, you might as well take the time to clean your desk before you even finish the book.

Why should you clean your desktop chair?

The studies said that cleaning your desk is actually much more relaxing than you might think.

The study, which was done by psychologists at the University of Sussex, found that people were happier when they were cleaning their desk chairs.

“The findings show that it is beneficial to be mindful of your own environment and to be actively involved in your environment,” Dr David Giddens, from the University’s School of Psychology, said in a statement.

“[The study] shows that people are actually happier when cleaning their own desk chairs when they feel like doing so is relaxing.”

Dr Giddes said that the results were particularly interesting because desk cleaners are typically people who are in charge of people’s belongings.

People may have an expectation of cleanliness, but when they see a clean desk chair there is more of an expectation that it will be more manageable for them, so they clean their desk more often.

Dr Paul Gidders, a senior lecturer in Psychology at the university, said the study was an interesting experiment that suggested people should take the extra time to make their own furniture cleaner.

He said people often get very upset when they get the mess out of their house, and when they are trying to clean the mess, they are often frustrated.

“(People) think ‘I can’t get it out, I can’t do anything to get it cleaned’, so they start to be frustrated.

They become more anxious and they feel more alone.”

“It is a bit of a paradox that people become so upset when the stuff is out, but then are so upset at cleaning it up, when they really don’t have anything to do with cleaning it.”

What do you think?

Do you feel more relaxed cleaning your own desk chair?

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