‘She should be banned’: She should be allowed to keep her cannabis and alcohol after being banned from public transport

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She should never have been allowed to leave the country, she has told the ABC’s RN Breakfast.

The NSW Liberal MP, who also sits on the Victorian Government’s public transport committee, said she would have been “frightened” to see Ms Jones walking on to the Victoria Metro on Monday.

“I don’t know if she’s in the right place to be walking around on the Metro,” she said.

The NSW Liberals MP said she was “very concerned” about Ms Jones and her alcohol consumption and that she should have been banned from the Metro because she was a “high-risk” person.

Ms Jones’ comments have come after the NSW Government announced it would be launching a review of its ban on cannabis consumption on public transport.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said the ban would remain in place despite her state’s announcement last week that it was ending the ban.

“We’ve been looking at it,” she told ABC radio on Tuesday.

“It’s one of the most restrictive measures in the world, in terms of people getting on a public transport system and not being able to drink alcohol and it’s one the things that we’ve looked at, we’ve been talking to experts on that and we’ll be looking at the details of it.”

Ms Jones has also previously been the target of criticism after claiming that the Government was trying to “kill” the cannabis industry.

She said the State Government had “no intention” of decriminalising cannabis and had been working towards the introduction of a new offence to deal with cannabis use in public.

“They have no intention of doing that whatsoever,” she was quoted as saying by the ABC.

“You could get a driver who gets high on cannabis and get fined or get put in jail.

She said she had never used cannabis before and was concerned that people might be “high on” her before she was allowed to board the Metro.”

If someone is using cannabis and they’re a high-risk person, and I’m a high risk person, then they need to be able to leave,” she argued.”

But if someone’s just in it for the ride, then I think it should be a no-go for me.

“Ms Smith, who is also a Liberal candidate for the Queensland seat of Lidcombe, also told the program that the ban on the use of cannabis was “absolutely ridiculous”.”

The NSW Government, which I don’t like to comment on, they’re really putting people at risk, and they need some guidance on how to do that,” she suggested.”

The Queensland Government, they know the risks, they understand that they’re putting people in danger, but they want to keep doing what they’re doing.

“Ms Adams’ comments on Ms Jones’ cannabis use have also come after Ms Smith told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that she believed the Government “took an enormous risk” by introducing a cannabis charge to deal specifically with people using cannabis in public transport, despite the fact it was unlikely to be effective.”

I think it’s a real risk that we’re taking an absolute risk of not making the people in this country who are being affected by this use cannabis in the first place safer,” she added.”

There are many people who are on this Metro who are people who aren’t going to be drinking on the train, but if you put a person on a train who’s using cannabis, they are going to get on the metro.

“Ms Evans also said that cannabis was being used by “lonely teenagers” and that there was “no evidence” it was a more dangerous substance than alcohol.”

A lot of the cannabis we see is from young people who don’t even know each other,” she concluded.

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