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This is a story about a couple who are determined to leave the Lakeshore, B.C., neighbourhood they’ve lived in for over 40 years.

The couple recently bought a home in the neighbourhood, which is surrounded by lakes, for $9.8 million.

The property, with a swimming pool, spa and restaurant, is a prime property.

The Lake Shore Drive area is home to a number of condo developments and is popular with families.

But the couple has been struggling financially.

For a while, the couple did not have any income.

But after buying the home, the house is now worth $7.5 million.

(Darryl Dyck/The Globe and Post via Getty Images) The couple is also in a relationship, and the couple says they have a plan to move out.

They said they have been on a long road to finally sell their house. 

“We were on a very bad trajectory, financially,” says Laura Czukay, one of the couple’s three children.

“And we’re getting to a point where we’re just about to sell it, so we’re hoping that we can get rid, and just go somewhere else.”

Laura and Laura Czerkas are currently looking for a new place to live in the Lakeside area of Toronto.

They have a house in the area for $7,900, which they say is too high.

(CBC News/Kirsten Hager)Laura Czerka says the couple is not homeless, and that she and her husband are not going anywhere.

The Czerkas are not homeless because they are living in the same city.

They are homeless because Laura Czerska is unemployed.

Laura said she is still getting a job and hopes to be able to return to work in the fall.

“I’ve been working so hard to try to get back to work and to try and support myself,” Laura Czekas said.

“It’s really hard, I know, but I’m so happy.”

Laura Czykas says the Lake Shore Road area has become a major draw for young people, and young people are spending money on things that make it hard to support themselves.

(Kirsty Wigglesworth/CBC)Laura and Laura are still trying to sell the house.

They will keep searching for a place to move to and have hopes that they can find someone who can help them with the financial issues they are facing. 

The Lakeside neighbourhood is home not only to the Lakeshot Trail and Lakeshores Lake Resort, but also other development projects.

There are numerous lakes in the surrounding neighbourhood, including the lakeside area and the Lakeview Trail, which are popular spots for people to swim and bike. 

Laura said that the Lakeshore Drive area was one of their top priorities when they first bought the home.

They say that the neighbourhood is not a desirable location for young families, but it is also a popular destination for families with young children. 

There is a long-term plan to make Lake Shore Boulevard a destination for locals. 

In addition to the Lakehores Trail, there is also the Lakeland Drive neighbourhood.

It includes the Lakehead Lakes, Lakeview Lakes, Lakeside Lakes, the Lakeslades Trail, Lakeside Trail, and Lakeview Park.

The couple also have a long history in the neighborhood, having lived there for decades.

In 2013, they moved to the area to buy a house for $8.5, and they said the property was still worth $6.7 million when they bought it. 

Lakeshore Drive has long been a neighbourhood with a lot of young families.

(Laurie Anderson/CBC News) Laura CzUKAY says that she is not surprised that the Lakeshed Road area is such a desirable place to buy.

She said the neighbourhood has long had a large number of young people living there.

She says that the lakeshore is popular for families to spend time together, and a lot people come here for the water.

“You have a lot more young families coming here for water and that’s good for the neighbourhood.

And it’s good because it’s a lot easier for people here to stay together,” she said.”

It’s not easy to find a place where you can stay here for a long time, so you have to make some choices.

We made a choice, and we’re going to make a decision soon.”

Laura Czykas and her children have lived in the Lakeside Drive area for a number, but she said that they are not yet moving.

The neighbourhood is a popular place for families and young children to swim, ride their bikes and picnic.

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