Which presidential candidate would you like to see clean energy on your side?

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Clean and Press has ranked the presidential candidates in terms of their clean energy policy goals for 2020, the first full year in which they’ll have full executive power. 

The 2020 Clean Energy Plan has a goal of cutting emissions by 28 percent from 2020, a goal that is achievable, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve already cut CO2 emissions in half from 2010.

President Trump is a candidate for this goal, although his campaign has not yet released a specific plan for that goal.

The 2020 Clean and Power Plan, on the other hand, has a very specific goal: the elimination of over 300,000 smog-forming diesel engines by 2020.

The Clean Energy Transition Plan, another 2020 clean energy plan, also has a specific goal, but it focuses on reducing emissions and carbon dioxide emissions by at least 80 percent by 2025. 

So, while Trump is certainly the leader in this area, he doesn’t quite have the clean energy support of the 2020 Clean energy Plan or Clean Power Plan. 

That’s because they are two separate goals, and it’s likely that both of these policies will take much more time and resources than they currently do.

If Trump’s 2020 clean and power plan is successful, it will have a much more significant impact on the climate than the Clean Energy transition plan, and could put the country back on track toward its goal of reducing CO2 from 2025 to 2035.

Trump has also stated that his Clean Energy plan would lead to lower energy costs for consumers, which is true. 

However, while that could mean lower electricity bills for the average American, it also means that lower-income people and communities would be paying more for electricity, and that the government would have to spend more to help offset the costs of the transition. 

It’s also possible that the Clean Power and Clean Energy Act, signed into law by President Trump in early February, would require the federal government to buy power from the private sector to lower its carbon footprint.

That would make the Clean energy plan much more cost effective.

So, in summary, it is clear that if President Trump wants to achieve his 2020 clean power and clean energy goals, he needs to be very clear about what he intends to do.

And, he should also put in place a specific program that will ensure that the federal budget can support those goals. 

As with the Clean and Renewable Energy Transition Plans, Trump’s clean power plan and clean and energy transition plans should have a specific carbon footprint target that they can achieve. 

President Trump and his running mate Mike Pence have promised to take the Clean power and Clean energy Transition Plan to the states to determine how they can cut emissions and reduce emissions in states that have already done so. 

Unfortunately, it seems that we still don’t have a clear plan for the 2020 clean, clean energy transition plan. 

But if the 2020 plan does succeed in achieving its goal, it would be a big step in the right direction. 

What do you think?

 Let us know in the comments below. 

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