The man who invented the fruit-based gel for pain relief

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The fruit-flavored gel has a history of helping people with painful injuries.

But a new research study has suggested it might also be useful in treating conditions such as chronic pain, as well as depression and anxiety.

The gel, known as the “snowflake”, has been touted by its makers as a pain reliever and is widely used by the US military.

But research on its effectiveness in treating chronic pain has been mixed. 

Researchers from the University of Illinois and New York University looked at the effect of the gel on patients with chronic pain.

They compared the efficacy of the snowflake with an alternative method of treating pain: acupuncture.

This involves applying pressure on a joint in the body and using the pressure to induce a relaxing sensation.

The researchers found that the snowflakes effectiveness in relieving pain was comparable to acupuncture.

The team also compared the effect on depression and depression-related symptoms.

The authors said that they were “highly skeptical” that the gel would provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain and depression.

“The research is not consistent with using the gel to treat depression, and it is also inconsistent with the idea that the ice cream gel is useful in the treatment of depression,” the authors wrote.

However, Dr Rene Zeglinski, who was not involved in the study, told Al Jazeera that the researchers found a clear benefit from using the snowgel in treating depression and that the research shows that it is effective for those with depression. 

“It’s not just a headache-relief drug.

This gel can be used to relieve depression in other areas of the body, and that is a great first step in that direction,” he said. 

A more effective treatment for chronic pain However, Dr Zegzinski said that while the research does not necessarily prove that the substance could help with chronic pains, it does prove that it may be useful for people with chronic, non-cancer pain.

“What this study is showing is that it works well for people who have non-cancers, but also people who are depressed and anxious, which is a real problem, because that’s when the pain is really hurting the most,” he told Aljazeera. 

The study was published in the journal Pain. 

For the study the researchers tested two different types of patients: patients with arthritis and patients with pain.

The arthritis patients had pain from the knee to the wrist and the pain in the shoulder was similar to the pain from chronic back pain.

However the pain was alleviated by using the icecream gel. 

Patients who were depressed and/or anxious and were experiencing pain from a non-invasive treatment method, such as acupuncture, also got a better result with the iceflakes.

The study was small, and the researchers did not include any follow-up data. 

But Dr Zecinski said it is important to remember that the study is only a preliminary look at the gel’s effectiveness, because the gel is only effective when it is applied to a joint. 

There are a number of potential uses for the gel.

In a paper published last year, Dr Zachary B. Fink, a pain specialist at the University College London, said that using the product as a cold medicine might also help with pain in people with arthritis.

“You might be able to treat pain in one area, and you might also get relief from pain in another area,” he wrote. 

 “The gel may have therapeutic benefits in depression and in anxiety and depression related symptoms, but there are not a lot of studies to support that it would actually help people in those situations.” 

For more on pain, visit Al Jazeera’s Pain page.

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