Watch: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Is A Must-See—And Watch It Now, Too!

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The last time I watched ‘Star War: The Force Awakens,’ I was in awe of the scope and ambition of the movie.

The story of the first trilogy of Star Wars movies—and how they took their place in the collective consciousness of cinema—was compelling.

In fact, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ proved that the new trilogy can have lasting impact, and its sequel was an emotional roller coaster of a film that helped usher in the post-millennial boom of Star Trek films.

‘Star-Wars: The Fate of the Jedi’ was not nearly as compelling.

That was because it had its share of weak moments—in particular, one that made me feel like I was being watched.

The most significant of these was the scene that took place after the Death Star, the destruction of which would be the catalyst for the climax of ‘StarWars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens.’

The Death Star is the culmination of a series of events that took the original trilogy seven years to complete, from the discovery of the Death STARs in the Star Destroyer’s hangar bay to the destruction itself.

That’s when the Resistance’s Captain Phasma, who had been training with the crew of the Star-Eyes, first spotted the ship’s massive shield generator.

She then went to the bridge and told the bridge crew to leave her alone.

That left the Resistance commander, Baze Malbus, to face off with Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith.

After a brief duel, the two engaged in lightsaber combat, and Malbus fell to his knees.

The Death STAR exploded, and Vader shot Malbus dead.

Malbus was just a simple woman in a blue and white uniform who had saved the life of one of her soldiers.

I could relate to her.

When I saw the sequence, I felt like the story had gone on forever.

Malus was a heroic woman, who stood up for her people, who fought for the greater good.

The sequence ended with her standing with her hands up as she was killed.

I thought, That’s what I want to see in the last chapter of ‘The Force’ and, ultimately, ‘The Fate of The Jedi.’

This scene is the most powerful of the three that took me to tears.

And I thought that it was all of the characters in the film who were on display, and the world around them, and how the events unfolded.

I’m not sure what the fate of the rest of the film would have been had it not been for this moment.

It was heartbreaking to watch it again.

I remember that moment in ‘Star wars’ for a long time, and I know that it is the scene I will always remember.

And as a fan, I can’t wait to see it.

What do you think of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’?

Share your thoughts below!

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