How to tell if your dog is gay?

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When it comes to dog training, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to find out if your pup is gay.

First, there’s the obvious one: Is your dog gay?

But a lot of dogs don’t seem to mind being called gay and they may be, experts say.

“The big question is ‘Is he gay?’,” says Karen Deacon, a dog trainer and owner of Dont Stop the Dog.

If he is, there may be some clues as to why.

“You might see him sniffing the floor or doing the little kinky thing when he sees other dogs,” Deacon says.

“He might be doing something else, and you can be suspicious if he’s doing something that’s weird or weird-looking.”

And if he doesn’t look gay, Deacon suggests that your dog may be being gay-trained and that there might be a “hidden” part of your dog’s personality that’s gay.

She says to check out the breed or sex of your puppy if you’re looking for clues.

“A lot of times, you can see that your puppy is gay, and that’s good because you can start to figure out what that might be about,” Deacons says.

There are some breeds that are very likely to be gay, says Deacon.

“It’s very rare for a dog to be born gay, but some dogs can be gay,” she says.

The big question, she says, is, “Is he happy?”

If your puppy isn’t gay, it might not be because he’s a good puppy or because he was adopted, she explains.

But it could be because you’re not raising him the right way.

“Some puppies that are adopted can be so very different than a dog that is really close-knit and raised by a family.

It’s not unusual for a puppy to be really close to its family and that can mean the difference between being a happy puppy and not,” she explains, adding that you can’t be sure until you see your pup.

So how do you tell if a puppy is straight?

If your dog looks like this: Your puppy has big, round eyes and is wearing glasses.

“Your dog might be looking straight at you,” De-acon says, “and then suddenly turn his head and look a little bit more gay.”

The same can be said for dogs who seem gay-like in public, she adds.

“If your dog does that, then you know he’s gay,” Deons advice to you.

Deacon recommends keeping your puppy close to you as a source of reassurance.

But there are other things you can do to help your dog feel comfortable in his or her new life.

“Puppies can have a really hard time being in the presence of other dogs, because they are so shy,” Demons says.

You might want to have your dog sit on your lap, and have your back to your dog, she advises.

This could be important if your puppy has a shy personality.

“So make sure your puppy can be right in front of you, and be able to be around other dogs who are different in size and breed,” Deelts advice to do.

“Also, just make sure he has a place to hide.”

Your dog might also have a different personality, like the one that’s coming into the house, De-camps advice to help you understand the puppy’s personality.

And if you don’t have a dog, Deecamps suggests you talk to a breeder to help decide whether your puppy might be gay.

If you do have a puppy, he or she might have to be spayed or neutered, so De-castes advice to talk to your veterinarian about the procedure.

You can also call your veterinarian for help if your pet has other health issues.

“Spay or neuter puppies early to prevent the possibility of disease spreading and to make sure they’re healthy,” DeCamps says.

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