Why we should be concerned about the water in our drinking water

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Water contamination is a big issue for the Irish.

We all know how the water supply system is broken in Ireland, and with the cost of living in the country now skyrocketing, the threat of the water contamination threat is real.

The Irish Water report has been widely criticised for being over optimistic about the severity of the threat, which it says will only increase over time.

However, a recent poll suggests that most of us are not yet prepared to give up on the clean drinking water we rely on.

In fact, a majority of us still trust our water source to be safe and clean.

How we can reduce the risk of contamination The Irish government and water providers are looking at the potential impact of contaminated water sources, which are often treated by sewage treatment plants.

A recent survey found that most people do not feel they are taking the appropriate steps to prevent contamination.

The report found that of those who were aware of the problem, just 6% felt they had taken steps to reduce their risk of contaminating their drinking water.

Of those who did, the most common answer was to wash their hands before and after using their water.

This survey found a number of other ways in which people are trying to reduce the risks of contamination.

It also found that people who have been drinking their water for a while have had their exposure to contaminated water levels reduced.

However this doesn’t mean we should stop using the water.

The government’s response to the contamination issue is to look at a range of possible solutions.

The water and wastewater sector is a major source of pollution, and the Irish Water’s recommendation for how to tackle it is to ensure there is no waste in our rivers.

It is also looking at using technology that reduces the levels of pollutants.

The use of technology in the Irish water system will mean less water pollution and a cleaner environment.

This means the water quality in our streams and rivers will also improve, and we can continue to enjoy a cleaner and more healthy Irish environment.

The issue of water pollution in Ireland will not be resolved overnight, but the government is making progress on the issue.

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