‘Goddess’ to watch: Cleo to become Cleo star in a show starring Oprah’s wife

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The actress and husband of Oprah Winfrey will join the ranks of the most popular stars in the US, when the ABC’s The View premieres on Friday night.

The show, which is being co-hosted by Oprah Winfield, will be filmed in the same location as the Oprah Winfords Oprah WinFitness World Tour, which has already run to over 20 million people.

The pair are set to become one of the biggest stars in US entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

They will be joined by former US President Bill Clinton, and the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The View is set to air on ABC this week, and is expected to run to 20 million viewers.

“The View” co-stars: Oprah Winfeld and her husband Bill ClintonThe show will also be joined on-screen by a number of former and current presidents.

The US president will appear alongside former President George W Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and former Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden.ABC says the show will feature “a wide array of guests and guests, including Oprah Winfeild, Oprah Winfried, Oprah Wernst and Oprah Winfreind, who will all be joined onstage by the former presidents”.

The show is also set to include former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former US ambassador to France, and two-time US Senator Joe Lieberman.

The programme, which airs on the ABC, will also include appearances by Oprah and her wife.

In the wake of the shooting of US President Donald Trump, the two will have the opportunity to discuss the tragedy with each other.

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