What’s new in this year’s 2017 X-Games?

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The 2017 X Games will take place this week in Atlanta, Georgia, where three-time Olympic champion Ryan Lochte has made a name for himself in a world of swimming.

The competition will feature men’s and women’s teams competing for the title of the most successful female swimmer in history.

Lochte has already won gold in Rio, and in 2017, he was named one of the best male swimmers in the world by the International Swimming Federation (ISSF) for his achievements in the Olympics.

This year, Lochte is set to compete in his second X Games in three years, but he’s set to take on a different challenge than the one he’s had before.

After winning gold in the women’s 200m freestyle last year, he took on a challenge in the 200m butterfly and 200m breaststroke.

Luchte was the first swimmer to win both events in one year, but the competition was overshadowed by the death of Lochte’s sister, who drowned in the final.

Lecht has since said he hopes to continue competing at the X Games, but only after a year-long recovery process.

“It will be a year and a half, it will be one and a bit more of a recovery process, but I think I have to have a bit of a rest before I can start competing again,” Lochte told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Lichtenstein told The AP that he hoped Lochte could return to the X-games this year.

Lachter is not the only Olympic medalist in the United States who has faced scrutiny for his actions in the aftermath of the death.

In 2014, gymnast McKayla Maroney, the winner of the men’s 200-meter freestyle, was stripped of her gold medal because of her involvement in a “tragic” incident.

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