How to build a simple, affordable, and easy-to-clean stool from recycled polystyrene (PS)

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By building a stool from polystyrenes, you can make a small but handy gift for friends and family.

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This article is based on my first experience with the stool that was made from PS.

I made this stool for my daughter, who is just a toddler.

She loved it so much, she said she wanted one herself.

After watching a YouTube video on how to make a stool using PS, I was convinced it would be worth trying.

The video showed you how to use a plastic bag to roll the polystyre into a ball.

Then, you put the ball into a polystyrene mat, like the one I made, and used a little flame to set it on fire.

Once the fire was out, you could take the poly Styrene Ball, and place it into a cardboard box, or you could fold it into two or three layers and then use a roll of kitchen towel to put it into the microwave to heat.

The heat from the microwave made the PS ball very hot and crispy.

After heating it for about 30 minutes, you just took it out of the microwave and laid it on a cookie sheet or cookie sheet paper to dry out.

You could use the towel to seal it and place in the freezer, or just lay it on the cookie sheet to cool.

I used two pieces of plastic for each ball.

After assembling the stool, I filled the rest of the poly styrene with water.

I cut the polys in half lengthwise and then rolled them up into a square.

The inside of the stool is about 10cm long, with a length of about 6cm.

The top half of the top is the bottom of the box, and the bottom half is a square with a seam.

You can find these PS boxes at your local hardware store or online.

You can also find these boxes at most supermarkets, or online for less.

The stool has two small holes on each side.

One of the holes can be opened with your fingers.

The bottom half of each piece has a hole to let the air out.

I’m not sure how the box will hold up to being put into the freezer for at least a week.

The polystyres used in the stool are not a good insulator, so it may be more durable if it’s kept in the fridge.

I bought a poly Styre Ball for $7.50 from Amazon, and a cardboard bag for $1.95.

You need a minimum order of 2 PS for the stool to be worth it, and 2 PS per PS ball.

You may want to think of a way to make the polypropylene balls last longer, like using silicone grease.

I used 1/4 teaspoon of grease on my hands before I put the poly balls in the bag.

If you use a stronger grease, it won’t work.

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